Learn the art, Taste the flavors, Vote for your favorite.

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20-22 March


4-6 September


Coming Soon

West Coast USA

Coming Soon 2016

East Coast USA

Coming Soon 2016

Gelato World Tour is a public event where gelato lovers are able to:

  • freely access a magic gelato village
  • taste the finest flavors made by the best Artisans of the region
  • participate in artisan gelato workshops
  • meet and interact with top artisan gelato chefs
  • discover how to open your own artisan gelato shop
  • and much more

It travels around the world visiting major cities, converting them into capitals of gelato.  Join in on the largest gelato festival ever!

After seven successful stages in Rome, Valencia, Melbourne, Dubai, Austin, Berlin and Rimini the next stop is Singapore.
The event will take place at Marina Bay Sands, Convention Centre B2 Hall D
March 20-22, 2015
12:00pm – 9:00pm
Come and taste the 16 best gelato flavors in Asia Pacific.

Our mission is to spread the culture of Italian style gelato, a fresh artisan food product, to the gelato lovers throughout the world.