The Jury – Berlin 2017

Dr.Stefan Elfenbein

Dr. Stefan Elfenbein 7-2

Correspondent for the “Der Feinschmecker“ and president of the “Jury Berliner Meisterköche”

German and American citizenship, two residences – Stefan Elfenbein has been commuting between New York and Berlin for decades.

M.A. in media sciences at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan, he was awarded the doctorate in Political Science at Freie Universität Berlin. Actually, a career in science was planned; however, after the publication of various books on the “New York Times”, he was asked from the “Berliner Zeitung” to help build the then new main season. From 1997 to 2001, he was the USA correspondent of the “Berliner Zeitung” with his office in New York and with the objective to introduce all aspects of the American life. An interview with Ruth Reichl (the then editor-in-chief of “Gourmet”), who is also a political scientist, finally got him to observe exactly what was on the plates around the world. Since 2001, he has been reporting for the magazine “Der Feinschmecker”. Since 2011, he has been the chairman of the “Jury Berliner Meisterköche”.

Dario Olivier


President of Uniteis e.V., Association of Italian Gelato Artisans in Germany

As the son of gelato makers from the Val di Zoldo region, who emigrated to Germany three generations ago, he started working when he was a teenager in the gelato shop and then married Anna Lazzaris, who also came from a gelato maker family. Until a few years ago, they had the legendary gelato shop De Lorenzo in Witten near Cologne.

He has always been committed to the protection and representation of gelato manufacturers in Germany and from 2004 to 2012, he was vice president of the association Uniteis e.V., the association of Italian gelato manufacturers in Germany. Since 2012 he has become the President of it.
His task is to continue the tradition of craftsmanship in connection with the development of an innovative professional image of the gelatiere.

Gerhard Schenk


President of the National Association of the German Pastry Chefs

Gerhard Schenk is a professional chef and pastry chef from Augsburg. He is the second generation of his family business together with his brother. He attended the “Meisterkule für Konditoren” in Munich and gained a wealth of experience in various areas of the kitchen, pastry and confectionery arts as well as in the hotel trade.

Since 2009, he is the President of the Confederation of Pastry chefs and since 2012, he has been active in international associations as chairman. Since 2014, he has been deputy president of the International Association of Bakers and Confectioners. Through this activity, he has served as a juror in various fields of modern pastries in various competitions.
“Confectionery is the pure joy of life”

Eva-Maria Hilker

Eva-Maria Hilker-2

Food journalist and editor of the culinary magazine “EssPress”

Eva-Maria Hilker is a journalist and specialist for the gastronomy in Berlin formany years. After a long-term career as an editor at the Berlin magazine “Tip” and the Berlin newspaper, she founded her own media office in 2010 – perhaps somewhat daringly – “It was time to publish a new format.

A newspaper that can follow the rapid development of Berlin.” Every month, she dedicates herself to the gastronomic diversity of the capital: the EssPress. The 24-page newspaper provides information on new openings, portrays well-established concepts, recommends locally produced products and interviews industry leaders. In addition, there are some tips for places outside the city and outside the country. Nowadays, a gastronomic format like EssPress is rare to find, especially with such a high value of content.

Stefanie Hofeditz


Food journalist and correspondent of the magazine „BZ Bild Zeitung“

Stefanie Hofeditz is the happiest woman in the world – she can do what she loves: eat and write.
In addition to her cultural studies in Leipzig, London and Berlin, she has also worked as a journalist and as a chef in trendy lounge restaurants.

The passion suddenly became a profession when she was repeatedly booked as a private chef. For five years, she has been a full-time journalist, has written about food trends in important daily newspapers and magazines as well as written restaurant reviews, has reviewed the successful website and cook books, and has evaluated restaurants of the TV program “Mein Lokal, dei Lokal Spezial”.

Dario Fontanella

Fontanella fuer

Gelato chef from Mannheim

Born in Mannheim – Education attended in Italy – German mother – Italian father – German thoroughness, combined with Italian imagination, become a part of the philosophy of his life.

For Easter 1969, he invented the “Spaghetti-gelato” after various experiments and countless series of tests:
Creamy vanilla gelato pressed by potatoe ricer, with a “tomato sauce” made of pureed strawberries, sprinkled with grated “Parmigiano” of white chocolate.
In 1970, he entered the family business and in 1985, he took it over.
Inspired by his father’s passion, he continues the old tradition of artisan gelato with innovative manufacturing methods and ideas with research and expertise.
According to him, quality is a philosophy. It is something familiar. It begins with the way of thinking, goes through the lifestyle, and onto the manufacturing process.

Hubert Scherer

Hubert Scherer-2

Teacher of pastry and gelato pastry

Pastry chef, Head of Department for Gelato Artisans, Student director at the Brufsschule Justus v. Liebig, Mannheim – Involvement of the new apprenticeship program of Gelato artisans, project planning of the gelato laboratory and professional spaces

Andrea Mills

andrea mills-2

Teacher at the Chamber of Artisan Trades in Düsseldorf and head teacher of “Training of instructors” for gelato makers

Andrea Mills loves not only ice cream but she has also integrated this passion into her profession.

For six years, she has been training Gelato Artisans in Italy and Germany. She is a speaker at trade fairs on the subject of training and staff management. In addition to her love for gelato, she works as a certified coach for communication. On a voluntary basis, she is a member of various committees of the Chamber of Artisan Trades in Düsseldorf for the training of instructors in the commercial sector as well as company presentations. She is working all over Europe with executives and speakers at congresses in the field of coaching.