Austin 2014

James Coleridge  & Salvatore Boccarossa


First place – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Bella Gelateria, 1001 West Cordova Street, Vancouver BC, Canada  –

flavor: Salted Pecan with Montmorency Tart Cherries & Tahitian Vanilla
Our milk base is made with Texan organic milk and aged 24 hours. We slow roast the pecan\’s enhancing the nuttiness. We then cook our Montmorency tart cherry sauce with agave syrup capturing the antioxidants and Vitamin C and add the Tahitian Vanilla beans at the end. We then blend the Pecan paste with the milk base and add the gelato to the machine. We add the Maldan Sea Salt at the end of the freezing process and layer in the Montmorency tart cherry sauce

Stefano Versace & Francisco Blanco


Second place – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Versace Gelateria Italiana & Gourmet, 1455 NW 107 Ave, Suite 132 (Miami International Mall), Doral FL, USA –

flavor: Profumi di Sicilia
A delicious combination of nougat and ricotta cheese cannoli, with pistachio grains and chocolate chips. Lightly flavored with a touch of orange zest, all swriled with creamy caramel

Matthew Lee


Third place – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: TEO – 1206 W 38th St, Austin TX, USA –

flavor: Nuts
A combination of two iconic flavors from two countries. Peanut butter from the U.S. and chocolate hazelnut from Italy are swirled together to unite in an incredibly delicious and satisfying gelato

Silvia Bertolazzi


Judge’s special mention – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Carpe Diem! Gelato-Espresso Bar, 812 Jefferson St., Lafayette LA, USA –

flavor: La Grande Bellezza – The Great Beauty (Avocado Basil)
Avocado Basil is a delightful twist on your traditional gelato. The deep, rich and nutty flavor of the avocado combined with the fresh, earthy taste of basil, and a touch of sea salt, make this gelato a delightful surprise to the palate. The texture is creamy and soft, and the presentation, from slices of avocado surrounded by green leaves of basil, is definitely something not often seen in gelaterie around the world. I love to see people\’s reaction who taste Avocado Basil for the first time: it is curiosity and hesitation at first, but after the gelato hits the taste buds, a big smile comes on, and they look at me with joy and satisfaction! “I never thought I would like avocado gelato – but now I\’m addicted!” is something I hear very often

Baron W. Von Gottsacker


Judge’s special mention – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Bent Spoon Gelato – 1436 Superior Ave., Sheboygan WI, USA –

flavor: Raspberry Beet
Characterized by a bright purple color whose intense flavor is of fruity red raspberries, earthy and complex.

Jessica Oloroso


Peer’s selection – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Black Dog Gelato, 859 N Damen Chicago, Chicago IL, USA –

flavor: Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel
Tangy goat cheese balanced with lightly salted roasted cashews and layered with a sweet and smokey deep caramel ribbon

Josh Collier


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Cafe Dolce Gelato, 5135 W. Alabama, Suite 7315, Houston TX, USA –

flavor: Fior di Bronte – pure Sicilian Pistachio
A flavor that defines the essence of Gelato – true Sicilian Pistachio. In the average American Gelateria, it is often either missing or artificially colored green. After many visits to Italy, and being fortunate to experience the taste of authentic Sicilian Pistachio, we wanted to share it with others and bring it to our home in the US. We visited Bronte to source out only the freshest, hand selected Pistachio in its most pure and natural form. Experiencing the fresh taste, trying the versatile, exciting ways of using the Pistachio, and witnessing this magnificent plant going from flower form to harvest amongst the volcani rocks beneath mystical Mt. Etna was a culinary dream. These experiences, combined with the sheer awe of the surrounding magnificent beauty was inspiration to create a Pistachio Gelato worthy of the name. We go through a rigorous, consuming, quality control process in order to be able to present to you: Flower of Bronte – Pure Sicilian Pistachio the way that it has been enjoyed for years in Italy

Carmen Angelo Ricciardi


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Carmen\’s Gelato, 544 W. 5th Ave., Anchorage AK, USA –

flavor: Maple Brown Butter Pecan
A blend of traditional Northern flavors with a culinary twist; organic maple, savory brown butter & fresh roasted pecans, enhanced with local Alaskan sea salt unite to create an explosion of flavor

Elizabeth McCleary


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Devine Gelateria & Cafe – 1221 19th Street, Sacramento CA, USA –

flavor: Bananas Foster
Bananas cooked in butter, brown sugar, & banana liqueur with cinnamon and dark rum added at the end. The banana mixture is added to my white base & then frozen. It’s variegated and topped with pecans and caramel.

Kimberly Zanni


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Gelato Di Babbo, production facility: 635 South Broad Street, Lititz PA, USA –

Flavor: Chocolate Guinness Caramel Crunch
A delicious combination of internationally know, Irish Stout Guinness mixed with a chocolate fondent as the base flavors. A multi flavored note of rich bold flavors with a Dulce de Leche Swirl topped with the crunch saltiness of crushed pretzels. Satisfying every possible craving you could have in one creamy taste

Denise Kulisz & Gabriele Scarponi


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Sweet Ginger\’s Gelato, 12811 Commerce Lakes Drive Suite #23, Fort Myers FL, USA –

flavor: Sweet G\’s Candied Bacon Gelato
What could possibly be better than a mighty mouthful of Sweet G\’s Candied Bacon Gelato? Absolutely nothing! It\’s a succulent explosion of flavors! Your taste buds will be screaming…more please! The salty sweet candied pork gets drenched in an avalanche of smooth cool creaminess. And to top it off…more bacon followed by a swoosh of cinnamon. Yummy!!!

Stephen Hovis


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Nucci\’s Gelato, 2000 Meridian Blvd. Suite 100, Franklin TN, USA –

Carmastachio is mascarpone swirled with rich caramel and salted pistachios

Tammy Giuliani


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Stella Luna Gelato Café, 1103 Bank Street, Ontario, Canada –

Flavor: Rich Chocolate, Dark Rum & Wild Cherry
Rich Chocolate, Dark Rum & Wild Cherries is Perfection: Naughty in its decadence, Sensual in its velvety smooth texture, Alluring in its warm nuance of rum. A flavor to linger over and dream about

Jasmine Chida


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Sweet Cup Artisan Gelato & Espresso, 3939 Montrose Blvd. Suite L, Houston TX, USA  –

flavor: Texan Kulfi
We aim to redefine gelato not just as the Italian standard of ice cream, but as an experience. This particular flavor is a cultivation of our experiences and inspired by Houston\’s diverse culture. Pecan Praline is a classic, Southern treat that has been around Texas and the South since the 17th century. This gelato flavor we made brings a traditional Southern treat with toasted Texas Pecans, Bourbon-Whiskey blended with cream and an exotic eastern spice called cardamom. Malai Kulfi is also a traditional Indian frozen dessert. Hence the name Texan Kulfi!

Peter Miller


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Tazzina di Gelato – 5420 E Broadway Blvd. Suite 234, Tucson AZ, USA –

flavor: Chocolate Orange Liqueur
One of the most complex gelato flavors for the connoisseur of chocolate is a mixture of orange, orange liqueur and a dash of citrus zest in a chocolate base.

Mary Stanley


Finalist – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: The Turtle Gelateria, 514 Center Ave, Brownwood TX, USA –

flavor: Turtle
Our flavor is a take on the historic and classic 1913 American candy the Turtle, a southern favorite made with chocolate covered pecans and caramel. We are using salted toasted native pecans coated with Mec3 Stracciatella, caramel ripple swirled in a rich chocolate gelato base. We preserve the crunch of the pecans by coating them with Stracciatella. We break this up into the chocolate gelato which is then swirled with creamy caramel. The creaminess of this confection and the crunch of pecans is the essence of the candy, Turtle. The Turtle is a distinctly southern American flavor beloved by everyone. Pecans, native to America are being discovered by Europeans in the same way that hazelnuts are being discovered by Americans, combining either with chocolate and caramel is a delicious confectionery and gelato tradition. The Turtle is also our name, chosen because it is a symbol of persistence and longevity

Francesca Silvestrini, Marco Silvestrini & Leopoldo Ferrarese


Candidate – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Dolce Neve, 1713 South 1st Street, Austin TX, USA –

flavor: Taste of Texas
The distinctive earthy flavor of local chevre is combined with swirls of Blueberry Lime jam made by Herbal Delights, winner of the Taste of Texas award

Jon Snyder


Candidate – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Il laboratorio del gelato, 188 Ludlow Street, New York NY, USA –

flavor: Toasted marshmallow graham cracker: that\’s a s\’moré
House roasted marshmallows are blended to flavor this sweet, smoky delicious gelato. Homemade graham crackers are added, crushed, in layers to add a crunch and another layer of flavor. A classic pairing

Tory & Andrea Chiappelli


Candidate – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: O\’Sole Mio – 27 N River Street, Batavia IL, USA –

flavor: Orange Blossom
Not orange, but orange blossom. Delicate, light, flavorful, and full of hope for spring. This gelato is creamy and floral with an orange finish

Waldo & Carolina Gutierrez


Candidate – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: 4DELIGHTS – 3214 E Colonial Dr., Orlando FL, USA –

flavor: 4DELIGHTS Signature
Creamy gelato made with vanilla, Italian chocolate and cake batter gelato base, mixed with crunchy brownie pieces, waffle pieces, salty coarse peanut, chocolate chips & gianduia fudge

Marcia Garbin


Candidate – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Gelato Boutique – Rua Pamplona, 1023 Jardins, São Paulo SP, Brazil –

flavor: Cherry Bomb
Lightly toasted almonds paired with juicy amarena sour cherries make the silkiest most luxurious gelato possible, both ingredients represent the best Italy has to offer and are exclusively organic

Mia Calamia & Carmelo Turillo


Candidate – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: La Divina Gelateria – 3005 Magazine Street, New Orleans LA, USA –

flavor: Frutti di Bosco
We cook down Louisiana strawberries, blackberries and blueberries with citrus and spices to make a flavorful jam. Then we use the best milk to make Fior di Latte and layer in our jam. Simple and classically delicious

Taylor Monen


Candidate – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Milk & Honey – 135 North Market Street, Chattanooga TN, USA –

flavor: Blueberry Buttermilk
Our competition flavor, Blueberry Buttermilk gelato, is one of our signature flavors and is one of the most popular flavors we serve in our gelateria. This flavor is a white base gelato flavor, and we use local cultured buttermilk, a homemade fresh blueberry syrup, a hint of cinnamon and local honey. This is a fresh, well balanced, delicious gelato that showcases some of the finest southern ingredients that we can source in Tennessee.

Marcelo Kreindel


Candidate – Austin 2014

Gelato Shop: Trentino Gelato, 2219 Canal St Unit 128, Houston TX USA –

flavor: Mascarpone with Mixed Berries Gelato
Fresh, sweet berries and piquant Mascarpone are perfectly matched in this handcrafted gelato. Rich Italian Cream cheese meets ripe, juicy berries for a lavish flavor you won’t soon forget