Berlin 2014

Adriano Colle


First place  Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Venezia, An Der Sutt 14, 87435 Kempten (Allgäu) Bayern, Deutschland

Flavour: Flavours of the Orient
A yogurt-based gelato enhanced with cinnamon, marbled with a chocolate flavoured with cardamom and hazelnuts, with chopped pistachios folded throughout.

Facebook: Eiscafé Venezia

Marco Vazzola


Second place  Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Venezia, Achtstraße 13, Birkenfeld (BIR), Deutschland

Flavour:  The Heart of Hazelnut
The heart of hazelnut is a layered gelato that includes the most classic ingredients of artisan gelato. It is a hazelnut flavoured gelato made with hazelnuts from Piedmont “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” paired with one of the best mixes of cocoa and dark chocolate from Ecuador which gives it a full and round flavour. It is all accompanied by a layer of caramel, pieces of chocolate and whole hazelnuts with the PGI Piedmont quality, creating a “sandwich” of flavours. With the heart of hazelnut, we want to give your palate a sensation of flavours that recall the simple and genuine flavours of a real, good, artisan gelato

Facebook: EiscafeVeneziaBir

Frerk Veen


Third Place and People’s Choice  Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Kleine Borkumer Eiskonditorei, Borkum, Westerstr. 12, Insel Borkum, Ostfriesland/Niedersachsen, Deutschland

Flavour:  Exotic Summer Dream
A lemon-lime gelato with a touch of fresh basil and dates, which are chopped together. To highlight the exotic flavour, the Limetta sauce is added throughout the gelato in layers

Stefano Bortolot


Judge’s Special Mention – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Gelateria Fratelli Bortolot, Moselpromenade 1, Bernstr. 25, Cochem RLP, Deutschland –

Flavour: Weinbergpfirsich peaches and Prosecco
This gelato is a homage to our homelands, both our original one as well as our adoptive one. We have chosen two typical products each from one of the territories, which, when combined, create a perfect marriage of flavours. They give live to a sorbet with a harmonious flavour, creating our international interpretation of the famous Venetian cocktail, the “Bellini” of Arrigo Cipriani

Facebook: Gelateria Fratelli Bortolot

Gianni Toldo & Raffaela Ceol


Peer’s Selection – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Venezia, Marktplatz 13, 55606 Kirn/Nahe KH, Deutschland

Flavour: Cremino Croccante
A combination of various flavours that are layered in the gelato pan. This delicious dessert starts with a layer of a special almond brittle prepared in a copper pot following an old family recipe. A layer of dark chocolate gianduia gelato is spread on top, followed by a thin layer of caramel and more almond brittle. Then a second layer of gelato is added, this time white chocolate flavoured with pieces of white chocolate. It is then topped which a gianduia sauce which covers this exquisite gelato.

Facebook: Eiscafė Venezia

Mauro Zampolli


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Zampolli, Hauptstrasse 61, Offenburg BW, Deutschland

Flavour:  Mauro
A rich cream gelato with a hazelnut chocolate sauce folded throughout accompanied with hazelnut pralines and sour cherry sauce

Ralf Schulze


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: IceGuerilla, Bahnhofstr. 14a, 15848 Beeskow (Brandenburg), Deutschland –

Flavour: German Mastervanilla with Cassis, Elderberry & Venezuelan white chocolate
This grandiose German Vanilla variegated with Cassis-Elderberries and Venezuelan white chocolate. Decorated with golden leaf powder with pearls of cassis, elderberries, white chocolate and Madagascan vanilla. We are German champions with our vanilla gelato during the European Championship of Gelato held at Gelatissimo of Intergasta exhibition in Stuttgart. Who, if not the “German Master,” should be represented with his “master vanilla” for the Gelato World Tour in Berlin.

Facebook: IceGuerilla

Nicola Ragazzo


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Grancaffè La Gelateria, Dreikönigstr. 8, Schwetzingen 68723 HD, Deutschland –

Flavour: Armonia Croccante
Two classic flavours, but exceptional. Sorrento walnuts and Sicilian almonds are united with the delicate aroma of wild honey from Schwarzwald. A harmony of flavours that unite Italian tradition with German culture, with undertones of oranges and cinnamon.

Facebook: Grancaffe La Gelateria

Ezio Piccin & Walter Mangili


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Gelateria Caffè & Gelato, Alte Potsdamer Str. 7, 10785 Berlin, Deutschland –

Flavour: Pistachio excellence
This is the most loved flavour of my clients, and it is the most famous. They come from all over Germany for our pistachio. There is no vacation or work trip to Berlin that does not include a stop at our gelato shop to taste the pistachio flavour. Along with, of course, our loyal clients from Berlin! The work of mouth for this flavour has been best marketing campaign. This flavour is the result of a long work of research for the perfect pistachio for this recipe. For nearly three years we worked on the selection of a pistachio from Bronte, in Sicily, to use and to perfect our recipe. It has been quite the job, but it has been awarded and our pistachio continues to give us great satisfaction throughout the years.

Facebook: Eiscafe Caffe e Gelato

Michele Pais dei Mori


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Dolomiti, Bürgermeister Aurnhammerstrasse 20, 86199 Augsburg, Deutschland –

Flavour: Raspberry Biscociock
A cookie-flavour gelato with raspberries and chocolate cookies folded throughout. All prepared with ingredients free of lactose and gluten.

Facebook: Eiscafe Dolomiti Augsburg

Rolando Nardi


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Firenze – Nardi & Nardi, Bahnhofplatz 4A, 85540 Haar, Deutschland

Flavour: Red Passion
An attractive flavour, fresh, creamy but at the same time refreshing, with a ruby red colour. Creamy, fruity with a touch of a bitter aftertaste. Thanks to the triple combination of flavours (sweet, fruity, bitter) it is a gelato that doesn’t overindulge but tempts

Facebook: Eiscafe Firenze NARDI& NARDI Gbr

Matthias Münz


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop:Der verrückte Eismacher, Amalienstr. 77, 80799 München, Bayern, Deutschland

Flavour: Oktoberfest (beer and roasted almonds)
Refreshing, creamy, sparkling, sexy:
the flavour of a ice-cold beer, the perfect gelato for the summer
Combined with roasted almonds.
You are feeling like on the Oktoberfest.
The gelato is layered in the gelato pan in two layers, a beer flavour and a flavour of roasted almonds. So even children who are not allowed to drink beer, can enjoy a part of it, the roasted almonds will make you feel like your at Oktoberfest.

Facebook: Der verrückte Eismacher

Salvatore & Claudia Mavelli


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Mavelli, Grashoff Str. 7, Bremerhaven, Deutschland

Flavour: “Pfälzer Glückskugel” White Peach Sorbet with Almonds
The sorbet prepared with the peach “Pfälzer Glückskugel” with a white flesh, flavourful and with an intense aroma, creates a refreshing and sweet flavour, without being aggravating. Balanced by the presence of toasted Sicilian almonds, slightly bitter, when you taste this gelato you will recall the sweetness of the German peach united with the aftertaste of almonds dried under the Sicilian sun. A perfect marriage!!!

Facebook: Eiscafé Mavelli

Nino & Ilenia Lacagnina


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Dolomiti, Kaiserstr. 28, 66849 Landstuhl, Rheinlandpfalz, Deutschland

Flavour: Flavours of Etna
Flavours of Etna – you will immediately feel the warmth of Etna. The unmistakeable flavour of this pistachio gelato reflects the Mediterranean love of live so common of Sicily. 1st layer: pistachio; 2nd layer: Gianduia-Cookies-Cream; 3rd layer: Pistachio gelato; 4th layer; Granella-Exzellent (Pine nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds), with sweet orange cream with candied orange peel and cheese cake pieces; 5th layer: pistachio gelato.
All decorated with: pistachio cream, chopped nuts, pieces of orange peel and cheese cake

Facebook: Eiscafe Dolomiti

Ute Giloj &Tilmann Krieger


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Zeisigwaldschänke, Forststraße 100, 09131 Chemnitz, Sachsen, Deutschland –

Flavour: Grilled Pineapple Sorbet
An exceptional note is achieved by grilling fresh pineapple, resulting in an intense fruity flavour. The natural sugar of the pineapple is caramelized and exceptional flavours are developed.

Gianluca Fedele & Antonio Nardi


Finalist – Berlin 2014

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Venezia, Vorstadt 20, Büdingen FB, Deutschland –

Flavour: Venetian Vanilla
Natural Vanilla gelato made with fresh milk, sugar, fresh organic eggs, and natural vanilla beans. A creamy cookies and cream is folded throughout along with fresh wild strawberries. This gelato is completely gluten free.