Dubai 2014


Joselito Reyes



First place – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Cremolata, Weshah Street – Shop no 6, Al Dhaid (Sharjah), UAE

Flavour: Cremo Bueno
Milky, classic Italian Hazelnut gelato topped with milk chocolate mixed with small cubes of crispy wafers. It’s simple but the secret is in the recipe itself: the balance between the flavours, taste and sweetness with velvety textures. It’s our signature flavour and our best seller as well; it deserved to be chosen to compete in Gelato World Tour

Ahmed Abdullatif


Second place – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Dolci Desideri, Saar Mall, Kingdom of Bahrain

Flavour: Rose Pistachio
The famous Bahraini Rose traditional milk drink will turn into a delicious gelato and will be enhanced by the Italian pistachio touch. Mixing two flavours from the two regions will result in a new cold sweet experience

Claudio Bearesi & Cesare Cellie


Third place – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Bacio Gelato, Ground Floor City Stay Hotel Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE

Flavour: Pistacchio italiano con croccante di mandorla
Pistachio is the king of gelato flavours, being one of the first ever made by Mr. Procopio, the father of modern-era gelato. Together with other noble flavours like chocolate and almond brittle, completed with pine nuts, we obtain an Italian triumph which is able to communicate Italian culture from south to north, offering an incredible dessert without time.

Andrea Grandville


Jury award – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Cone Street, JBR. Rimal Sector, Dubai, UAE

Flavour: Royal Baklava

An Arabic spices flavoured low-fat base, rippled with traditional filo pastry, royal Oman Honey and selected local chopped nuts. This flavour is the gelato version of the very famous and typical Middle East dessert, a nut-filled multilevel pastry baklava. The Royal Honey has aphrodisiac and healthy properties. The low-fat base will compensate the richness of nuts and honey.

Mohamad El Kerek


Candidate – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Chamsine, Khalden Highway, Beirut – Khaldeh, Lebanon

Flavour: Sweet Cheesecake
French-style sweet cheesecake made with butter cheese, swirled with fresh fruit and cookie-crumble crust.

Hassan Elshaer


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Cold Stick Gelato, Al Tksose Rd, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Flavour: Chikoo, Sapodilla, Zapota

Chikoo is a fruit flavour that surprisingly has the same taste of caramel. Around the world, Chikoo is also known as zapota or sapodilla. Taste it to believe it!


Mohammad Halawa


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Dairy More, Bayader, Amman, Jordan

Flavour: After Eight Cream Brule
Amazing mixed homemade fresh mint gelato & special real chocolate gelato

Murtaza Dadabhai & Mustansir Inayathussein


Finalists – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Fairy Delights, The Shipway, Msasani, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Flavour: Tanzanian coffee with coconut and cream caramel
A Tanzanian coffee gelato together with coconut gelato, topped with a cream caramel topping

Massimiliano Neri


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: FLOR, Water Park Atlantis – Food Court Barracudas, Dubai, UAE

Flavour: Black Forest
Black Forest is made up of various layers of dark chocolate, with chocolate chips and black cherries between each layer. It is decorated with chocolate pieces and black cherries. Thanks to the use of water, and not milk, for the chocolate, the flavour can be enjoyed by people with lactose intolerance

Waheed Abul


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Frutto Gelato, Shop No# 2 – Tala Plaza, Suqayya, Kingdom of Bahrain

Flavour: Oreo Croquant Gelato

It’s all about taste…
Oreo Croquant Gelato is one of the top seller in our branches, it’s creamy, intense in flavour, less air, easily digestible and nutritional, rich in proteins and vitamins, low fat & healthy, made with highest ingredients quality to bring out the superlative gelato flavour where it’s produced in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Vijay Arora


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Gelato Vinto, Shop no.GFK4, DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India

Flavour: Saffron Pista Gelato

The pistachio gelato is accompanied with a swirl of saffron, presenting an incredible combination of flavours

Nicolas Reincke & Chandra Raj


Finalists – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Gelato Divino, 25 Outlets throughout the UAE, UAE

Flavour: Variegato Cassata and Base Ricotta

Based on the traditional sweet “Cassata” from Sicily, we have chosen this special flavor for the competition as it has proven a hit throughout our 25 stores.
It is a Ricotta cheese gelato, which contains a high percentage of ricotta cheese, decorated with a tasty fruit sauce, lightly flavored with cinnamon, containing candied fruits pieces and enriched with chocolate chips

Nazzareno e Silvano Giolitti & Andrea Lucatoni Giolitti


Finalists – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Giolitti, Emaar Plaza, Tower 1, Along Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd., Dubai, UAE

Flavour: Pistacchio puro Sicilia

Since my childhood I was intrigued by this flavour that my father was preparing with a lot of passion. Once I was 18, finally with a driving license, I decided to visit Sicily, the land from where our suppliers were sending us the pistachios. I fell in love immediately with this great product and decided that my pistachio was going to be done only with nuts coming from this marvellous part of Italy. There was only a challenge to overcome, the natural brown colour of pistachio was distant form the common knowledge of the clients that were looking for a green products. The strong nature of Sicily gave me a great idea, why not to mix them with chlorophyll. It was the perfect marriage, a great pistachio with a distinctive natural green colour

Taysir Al Ghanem


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Il Caffè Latino di Roma Gelateria Pasticceria, Al Kurdi Shopping Centre, Arjan Rd. Builidng no. 4, Abdoun Area, Amman, Jordan

Flavour: Brown-bread gelato

Brown bread ice-cream is an old tradition in England and parts of Wales that was also moved to the new world becoming one of the home-made delicacies in New England. My recipe this traditional Anglo-Saxon crunchy flavour into the gelato world. Crosscultural enrichment can result in a particularly tasty produce.

Amer Alsyouf


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Kanafandi, Abdoun-Mohammad AliBedier (Taj Life Style), Abdoun (Amman), Jordan

Flavour: Mastaca with Pistachio Gelato

This gelato is made with full-fat milk plus a mixture of natural mastic gum, mixed with pistachio

Ismail AlZaben


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: PrimoGelato, Dubai Maritime City, W403, Dubai, UAE

Flavour: Arabian dates with Caramelized Walnuts

A bursting sweet flavour of fine Arabian Dates complimented with crunchy bites of caramelized walnuts and spices

Said Ben Amor


Finalist – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: French Bakery, Dubai, UAE

Flavour: Tahini

My Gelato flavour will be one of Middle East traditional flavour which it is used in most of the food and sweets. It has nutritional content and health benefits: an excellent source of protein, copper and manganese; a good source of tryptophan, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, selenium, essential fatty acids, methionine and dietary fiber; the only source of seasamin and sesamolin. Both of these linans have been shown to lower cholesterol and protect the liver from oxidative damage; also contains vitamin E

David Braido


Candidate – Dubai 2014

Gelato Shop: Capricci – Italian Natural Gelato, Furouiya Road, Doha, Qatar

Flavour: Chai Karak

Chai Karak is considered the most consumed beverage in the Middle East, created with the best Black Tea from Sri Lanka and milk.  We created this flavour inspired by this Middle Eastern tradition