Grand Finale Rimini 2014

John & Sam Crowl


1st place Gelato World Tour Rimini – World’s Best Gelato

Gelato Shop: Cow and the Moon, 181 Enmore Road Enmore (NSW), Sydney, Australia ph. 0061 02 955 74255

Flavour: Almond Affogato.

The flavour embodies a Madagascan vanilla bean gelato with roasted caramelised coffee almonds folded through with a Kenyan coffee and salted caramel sauce.

Francesco Mastroianni

18 Il Cantagalli - Francesco Mastroianni_248X149

italiano small

2nd place Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop: Il Cantagallo, Via San Rocco, Lamezia Terme

Flavour: Grumpy’s Heart

A pistachio cream with an intense flavor and an unmistakable aroma and consistency. The pistachios, from Bronte, are selected and prepared with care and passion. This flavour, with ancient far-off roots, highlights the desire to capture the very essence and aroma of pistachio. The name chosen brings to mind the personality in the fairy tale of the “seven dwarfs”, who was also apparently rough and short-tempered, but had a tender heart full of sweetness.

Alessandro Lancierini


italiano small

3rd place Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop: Gelateria Fiore, Via Toti 1, Suzzara (MN)

Flavour: Hazelnut’s heart

With its classic but unique taste, hazelnut takes the gelato artisan back to the genuine loyalty to tradition. Hazelnut is our most noble flavour, poor only of artificial flavourings.

Mario Serani


italiano small

Special Technical Jury Mention – Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop:, Piazza del Popolo 1, Antrodoco (RI)

Flavour: Apple Tart.

Vanilla and cinnamon gelato with caramelized russet apples, raisins and pine nuts mixed through, and completed with a sprinkling of crunchy biscuit. The decision to bring “Apple Tart” reflects our philosophy, that is, to produce a genuine gelato which follows our traditional family recipes and uses mostly typical products from our territory.

Lorenzo Salvioni & Andrea Grandville

Lorenzo Salvioni & Andrea Granville_248x149

Special Technical Jury Mention – Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop: Cone Street, JBR. Rimal Sector, Dubai, UAE

Flavour: One Thousand and one… snacks

Chocolate flavoured artisan gelato made the old fashioned way with Swiss chocolate, fresh milk and cream, enhanced with infusions, flavours and aromas that take us back in time. Simple and timeless, like the thousands of snacks we had as children.


Andrea Botton

Gelateria Santamaria - Andrea Botton_248x149

italiano small

Journalists’s Special Mention of Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop: Gelateria Santamaria Maserà di Padova (PD) – Italia

Flavour: Yogurt with Honey & Nuts

Greek yogurt enhanced with Maple Syrup and Sorrento walnuts

Carlos Enriquez Sanchez y Juan Enriquez Sanchez


Journalists’s Special Mention of Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop: Iceberg, C/ Jaime II, 6 Bajos, Palma de Mallorca, IB, Tel. +34 971 71 65 17

Flavour: Sóller Orange Sorbet with Fresh Mint and Cardamom

Our flavour is based on a fresh water ice, using delicious ingredients of our home country Majorca, like oragnes of Soller, fresh mint and cardamom. Bon Profit!

Stefano Versace

2 Stefano Versace & Francisco Blanco of Versace Gelateria Italiana & Gourmet_MR_DSC_2136_248x139

People’s Choice of Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop: Versace Gelateria Italiana & Gourmet, 1455 NW 107 Ave, Suite 132 (Miami International Mall), Doral FL, USA

Flavours: The Scent of Sicily

A delicious combination of fresh organic ricotta cheese, cannoli, organic almonds, with pistachio siciliano grains and caramelized fruit. Lightly flavored with a touch of organic blood orange zest, and real Sicilian lemon all swirled with creamy caramel.


Claudio Bearesi & Cesare Cellie

Claudio Bearesi e Cesare Cellie-DSC_8273_248x149

People’s Choice of Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop: Bacio Gelato, Ground Floor City Stay Hotel Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE

Flavour: Creamy Hazelnut with puff pastry, gianduia e hazelnut pralines

Creamy gelato made with Italian hazelnuts from Piedmont topped with gianduia sauce, with toasted and caramlized hazelnuts folded through. All served on a delicious puff pastry.

Diana Kontoprias

diana kontropias_248x149DSC_8618

Peer’s Selection of Gelato World Tour Rimini

Gelato Shop: Frangipani Gelato, 117 Cronulla St. Cronulla, Sydney NSW, Australia. 0061 95440216

Flavour: Pavlova

Pavlova is an Australian dessert. It is a meringue base with passionfruit puree and meringue pieces throughout the gelato.

Emanuele Montana

20 Gelateria Retrò - Emanuele Montana_248X149

italiano small

Third Place Rome

Gelato Shop: Gelateria Retrò, Via Ubaldo degli Ubaldi, Roma

Flavour: Ricotta and cointreau Delight

A delicious gelato of fresh sheep ricotta, with a sharp taste, with the addition of pistachios (strictly from Bronte) and drops of Criollo chocolate (of Peruvian origin), accompanied by sweet orange liqueur.

Maurizio Melani

19 Maurizio Melani - Veneta Gelato Italiano 11_248x149

First Place Valencia

Gelato Shop: Véneta Gelato Italiano, Mediterráneo 105, Puerto Sagunto, Valencia

Flavour: Grandma’s Cookies.

This flavor invokes small moments of pleasure and it transports us to our childhood, to the breakfasts, to the afternoon snacks, and to the happy moments when our mother allowed us to spread chocolate cream on cookies. This artisan gelato “Grandma’s Cookies” has a simple but refined recipe, with an intense flavor which not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also invokes happy memories. A gelato that is simple, nutritious, healthy and irresistible!

Isabel López Dominguez

16 Isabel Dominguez Lopez - 19 Palemeras_248X149

Third Place Valencia

Gelato Shop: 19 Palmeras, Calle Ancha, 50 Punta Umbria (Huelva) España

Flavour A thousand petals.

A cream based gelato with Italian meringue and puff pastries, making a simple combination and a surprising flavor. The most demanded flavor in my gelato shop!

Donato Toce & Simone Panetta

Toce Panetta

First Place Melbourne

Gelato Shop: Messina, 237 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Flavour Cremino.

Salted caramel gelato with house made gianduia fudge, fresh meringue and crushed amaretti biscuits folded throughout

Abdelrahman Al Teneiji & Joselito  Reyes


First place Dubai

Gelato Shop: Cremolata, Weshah Street – Shop no 6, Al Dhaid (Sharjah), UAE

Flavour: Cremo Bueno

The secret in the Italian food in general is Simplicity with fresh ingredients. That’s why we devised this flavor. Milky classic Italian Hazelnut gelato topped with low fat milk chocolate mixed with small cubes of crispy wafers. It’s simple but the secret in the recipe itself. The balancing between the flavors, taste and sweetness with the velvety textures. It’s our signature flavor and the best seller as well.


Ahmed Abdullatif

02 Dolci Desideri - Ahmed Abdullatif_248X149


Second place Dubai

Gelato Shop: Dolci Desideri, Saar Mall, Kingdom of Bahrain

Flavour: Bahraini Rose

The famous Bahraini Rose traditional milk drink will turn into a delicious gelato. Try our flavor, a new cold sweet experience!


James Coleridge  & Salvatore Boccarossa

1 James Coleridge and Salvatore Boccarossa of Bella Gelateria_HR_DSC_2150_248x149

First place – Austin

Gelato Shop: Bella Gelateria, 1001 West Cordova Street, Vancouver BC, Canada

Flavour: Sweetness of Summer

The ‘Sweetness of Summer” brings together the sweet and refreshing flavor of Sorrento lemons and the sweetness of our home-made Canadian Maple Syrup caramel. A refreshing balance of sweetness and salt on even the hottest days of a beautiful summer night in Rimini or Vancouver, Canada.

Matthew Lee


Third place – Austin

Gelato Shop: TEO – 1206 W 38th St, Austin TX, USA

Flavour: Texas Pecan Pie

Unique Texas Pecans, sourced directly from the orchard, are lightly toasted and swirled throughout a special base along with ribbons of our signature Southern American caramel sauce. A superb combination of matchless ingredients from the American South.


Adriano Colle

1 - Adriano Colle - Eiscafé Venezia – Gewürze des Orients - Kempten (Allgäu) Bayern - DSC_6863_248x1149

First place  Berlin

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Venezia, An Der Sutt 14, 87435 Kempten (Allgäu) Bayern, Deutschland

Flavour: Flavours of the Orient
A yogurt-based gelato enhanced with cinnamon, marbled with a chocolate flavoured with cardamom and hazelnuts, decorated with toasted pistachios.

Marco Vazzola

2 - Marco Vazzola_248x149

Second place  Berlin

Gelato Shop: Eiscafé Venezia, Achtstraße 13, Birkenfeld (BIR), Deutschland 

Flavour: Hazelnut Kisses

Hazelnut Kisses is a layered gelato that includes the most classic ingredients of artisan gelato. It’s a hazelnut flavoured gelato made with hazelnuts from Piedmont “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” paired with one of the best mixes of cocoa and dark chocolate from Ecuador which gives it a full and round flavour. It is all accompanied by a layer of caramel, pieces of chocolate and whole hazelnuts with the PGI Piedmont quality, creating a “sandwich” of flavours. With hazelnut kisses, we want to give your palate a sensation of flavours that recall the simple and genuine flavours of a real, good, artisan gelato.

Frerk Veen

3 - Frerk Veen - Kleine Borkumer Eiskonditorei – Exotischer Sommertraum - Borkum - DSC_4572_248x140

Third Place and People’s Choice  Berlin

Gelato Shop: Kleine Borkumer Eiskonditorei, Borkum, Westerstr. 12, Insel Borkum, Ostfriesland/Niedersachsen, Deutschland

Flavour. Exotic Summer Dream
A lemon-lime gelato with a touch of fresh basil and dates, which are chopped together. To highlight the exotic flavour, the Limetta sauce is added throughout the gelato in layers.

Bruno Bido

Gelateria da Bruno - Bruno Bido Giuria Tecnica_248x149

italiano small

Premio Pedrocchi

Gelato Shop: Gelateria da Bruno, via Monta 85 – Padova – Italia

Flavour: Honey with Gingerbread gnocchi, Cinnamon, Butter and Parmigiano

This flavour was born from the combination of honey and gingerbread, as well as an old, forgotten recipe from the Veneto region: Cinnamon gnocchi with butter, parmigiano and sugar, which has origins from the Austro-Hungarian  period. By associating the two recipes and combining the originality of the “Honey Gingerbread” with the rediscovery of the ancient recipe from Padvoa,  the flavor present a unique product to offer to a demanding clientele.


Ida Gabriela di Biaggio & Davide Scantamburlo

Gelatobar Novecento - Ida Gabriela di Biaggio & Davide Scantamburlo_248x149

italiano small

Premio “I Gelati d’Italia 2014” Orvieto

Gelato Shop: Gelateria-Cioccolateria Novecento Via Marco Polo 102 Pescara – Italia

Flavour: Novecento

The Vino Passito glaze envelops this traditional cream gelato which in enhanced and enriched with a hazelnut crumble


Roberto Galligani & Giuseppe Zerbato

Casa del Gelato - Roberto Galligani & Giuseppe Zerbato_DSC_0801_248x149

italiano small

Premio Sigep

Gelato Shop: Casa del Gelato Viale Martiri della Libertà, 108, Albenga (Savona) – Italia

Flavour: Orange Jubilation

A unique gelato with a balanced and captivating flavor where artisan technique and genuine ingredients are joined with the flavours and scents of the Mediterrean. The cream from Alpeggio is cooked at the moment of the batch freezing. The Acacia honey is then carefully added along with a delicate touch of Lapostolle Cognac and Navan vanilla. Orange peels and dark chocolate pieces are then folded through to complete the composition, giving flavour and tenacity to the aftertaste.