Tokyo 2015

Akira Hattori


 First Place

FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: La Verdure
Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Izumi-ku, Ryokuen, 5 -29-20 – Japan

Flavor: Natsumatsuri (Summer Festival)

This gelato is the expression of kakigori (water ice), the beverage that represents summertime in Japan. It is produced in four layers: strawberry gelato, milk gelato, strawberry granita and rose sauce. This gelato is at the same time very original and made with flavors that everybody can enjoy without ever getting tired of it, such as strawberries.

Yu Lee & Amber Lin


 Second Place

FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Ninao Gelato Classico – No.720, Anbei Rd. Anping Dist., Tainan City – Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Flavor: La Dolce Vita di Tè

The basis of “La Dolce Vita di Tè” is Honey Black Tea from Alishan. It is one of the most luxurious teas in the world. It is garnished with Taiwanese Lychee Honey and Puffed Purple Rice from Pingtung. The light milky flavour of the gelato harmonizes perfectly with the fragrant black tea and the heavier taste of the lychee caramel. To finish, the traditional pop rice on top creates a rich texture. Presenting a fun fusion of Asia and Italy.


Yoshifumi Arita


 Third place

FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Arita
Nagasaki-Ken, Nagasaki-Shi, Azekari-Cho 1613-318 (Sougoujimusyo) – Japan

Flavor: Delizie al limone – A Memory of Amalfi

This gelato is created from the memory of a delicious dessert Gelatiere Arita tasted while visiting Amalfi. The flavor combines three different gelati: one flavored with natural lemons, one with Fromage Blanc and one using hazelnuts from Piedmont. These flavors are balanced and garnished with a sour lemon topping. To better accentuate the flavors, ganache pralines and caramelized hazelnuts are added for an attractive and graceful presentation.

Munehisa Tomoyuki & Munehisa Tomoko


 Special Mention

Technical Jury FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: L’oiseau Bleu
Yamaguchi-ken, Yamaguchi-shi, Ajisu, 509-16 – Japan

Flavor: Amalfi Coconuts with Meringue

A delicate gelato infused with rosemary, mixed with pureed pineapple, lemon, lime zest and juice, and a hint of olive oil. Coconut meringue is then sprinkled throughout the gelato. The milkfat is reduced by the use of olive oil. By emulsifying the ingredients well, it is creamy and smooth while maintaining the acidity and delicate aroma of pineapple and lime. In this way, the gelato has both characteristics of both “sorbetto” and milk-based “gelato”. The combination of lime, pineapple and olive oil, whose flavors are brought out at various temperatures, lets you feel the multitude of flavors and aromas in your mouth. The topping of roasted coconut meringue gives you some texture and hints of coconut. It is the perfect gelato to enjoy during the summer!

Andrea Bonaffini


  Special Mention

Public FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Yellow Lemon – n° 561,Mingshui Rd, Zhongshan District, Tainan, Dazhi, Taipei City – Taiwan

Flavor: White Passion

A white chocolate gelato is infused with mint, basil and lime. It is then combined with tangy Boiron passion fruit. Crunchy, Cacao Barry white chocolate and caramelized powder are added to give a fun texture. Enjoy!


Jun Tanaka & Shinzato Kaoru


  Special Mention – Maestri Gelatieri 

FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Vito Atelier
Fukuoka-ken , Fukuoka-shi, Chūō-ku, Daimyō, 1 −8−12 Chome dainiseibu building 101 – Japan

Flavor: Chocolate Banana & Nuts

This chocolate gelato is flavored with a special recipe of sautéed bananas. An extraordinary praline is then made in small batches with crushed almonds, walnuts and finely chopped pistachios. The praline is then kneaded into the gelato to maintain its crunchiness in the rich, creamy gelato. The chocolate gelato base is prepared with a special, dark Spanish cacao as if it were a sorbet. It is then flavored with bananas sautéed together with pleasant aroma of Negrita Rum, giving the predominant flavor to the gelato. The pralines are then added at the end to maintain the crunchy texture.

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Taizo Shibano


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Malga Gelato
Ishigawa-Ken, Nonoichi-Shi, Noshiro 1-20-101 Japan

Flavor: Salted pistachio and orange vanilla mascarpone

Made of three main elements: the pistachio base is made with pistachios that are carefully prepared by following an original recipe. The recipe focuses on the perfect timing and technique of roasting the pistachios and it adds salt to give them a perfect salty seasoning. The milk is then infused with the aroma of vanilla and orange, and it is added to a sweet mascarpone custard where the egg flavor is completely transformed by the fragrance of orange flowers. The berry sauce accentuates the acidity and acts as the director of a contrast of colors and a harmony of flavors.


Goro Sugiyama & Akiko Motomura


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Napoli Ice Cream Co. LTD. Gelateria la Napoli
Tokyo, Shinjuku-Ku , Samon-Cho, 21-1 New Shinanomachi, Haitsu, 1F – Japan

Flavor: Caribbean moment

This gelato makes you experience the same extraordinary happiness you have when enjoying Caribbean beaches. You feel like the character of a novel being taken through a story the moment you taste it. Coffee and mint are the perfect combination for Caribbean beaches. The coffee makes you feel at ease, the mint toffee is refreshing and the memory of rum and coconut milk linger long after the gelato. All constructed to connect the flavors to the image of the Caribbean. It’s gelato! Be fun!!


Kazuki Kawarada & Akiko Tagami & Shouhei Takegami


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Samurai Gelato
Fukuoka-ken, fukuoka-shi, chuo-ku, ropponmatsu, 3-8-2 – Japan

Flavor: Samurai Zen-Caramel Houji Tea

This gelato reproduces the fragrance of Houji tea, a unique Japanese tea, not very well known in the world. It is a unique flavor made with an original process. As the soft caramel melts in your mouth, just a little bitter, it reveals also the delicious tea flavor of HOUJI. Fragrant almonds that still have their natural skin are added, enhancing the textural sensation. This is truly a gelato for a refined palate.


Yosuke Nakai


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Gelateria Sincerita
Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Asagayakita, 1 −43−7 kuredoru asagaya 1F – Japan

Flavor: Rum Nuts

This flavor seems complex, but it is actually quite simple and good. It is an excellent combination of high quality walnuts and rum. It is designed to create a delicate Japanese flavor. The sweet heart of the gelato is thanks to Japanese sugar and acacia honey. The subtle hint of rum, only 1% of the recipe, is enhanced with a small amount of toasted bread, causing the flavor to be intensified by the flour. A pinch of salt is added at the end to complete the overall flavor.


Kazuma Nagasawa


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Syokuto Hananoeki
Agritown –  Tochigi-ken, Sano-shi, Ueshimochō, 802-4 – Japan

Flavor: Yogurt with honey, berry sauce and a hint of rose

The yogurt gelato is usually refreshing, but this recipe is adapted to make a rich taste similar to cheese and it is intensified by using honey. The topping is a delicious sauce made with strawberries, peaches, blueberries, blackberries and cranberries, and it is finished with a hint of rose fragrance. The yogurt flavor pairs extraordinarily well with the aroma of roses, and the berry topping adds more dimension to the rose flavor. The gelato is completed by a topping of freeze-dried raspberries.

Shohei Nakagawa & Nakagawa Mariko


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Shinpachi
Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Ukyō-ku, Sagatenryūji Tsukurimichichō, 37-17 – Japan

Flavor: The Concert of the Forest

The mix of nuts is an orchestra, while apples and mint are its solo musical instruments. A high variety of nuts, their balance and their claim for personality are the key points of this product. This gelato is a concert, played by a sensation of wind blowing through the forest of mint. The apples act as the forest bears. The gelato is then topped with homemade apple compote and nut pesto.

Atsushi Kurisaki


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Claret
Hyogo-ken, Kobe, Chuo Ward, Motomachidori, 2 -1-11 – Japan

Flavor: Panda (Bamboo & Black beans)

This gelato is created by infusing milk with bamboo powder, and once it is frozen, black beans are added. When you have some of this gelato, you will enjoy the perfect affinity of milk with a faint aroma of bamboo grass and hints of black beans, a typical product from the Tango region.

Yuki Nakatsuka & Tamaki Namiko & Waki Masanori


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Gelateria Bar La Dolce Vita – Ōsaka-fu, Sakai-shi, Sakai-ku, Daisen Nakamachi 8-1 – Japan

Flavor: Roasted Pumpkin – Zucca al Forno

This gelato is made with delicious pumpkin baked in a Japanese stone kiln – Ishigama. By baking the pumpkin in this kiln, the roasted pumpkin flavor is concentrated and is maintained even with a cold gelato. It is already delicious like this, but it is further improved with some acidity added by yogurt. Walnuts and pickled raisins are sprinkled throughout to add richness and the gelato is completed with a touch of cumin, creating a Gelato so refined that it can be served with wine. It has an enjoyable texture and it is visually beautiful.


Seongdeok Park


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: DolceFreddo
1320-5, Sankyuk-Dong, Bukgu Daegu – Korea

Flavor: Soia con Torta di Formaggio – Soy of Cheesecake

Soy of cheesecake is made of cheesecake with roasted soybean powder as a topping. You can taste the Korean traditional ingredients, such as roasted soybean powder, and Western traditional food, such as cheesecake, all in one bite.Roasted soybean powder is a Korean traditional ingredient which Koreans put on rice cakes called Injeolmi. As one of the Korean traditional foods, people enjoy eating it even in modern times. People at Gelato World Tour will be tempted by its tasty aroma and flavor!

Michiko Akamatsu


 FINALIST for the ASIA PACIFIC STAGE in Tokyo (September 04–06, 2015)

Gelato Shop: Royal Farm Akamatsu
Kagawa-ken, Takamatsu-shi, Kōnanchō Yusa 2322-1 – Japan

Flavor: Burning Chocolate

The star of this flavor is Hontaka, the “legendary Red Pepper” of Kagawa region, combined with mildly bitter chocolate. The refined taste of cocoa and the exotic cinnamon are embraced by the main ingredients of milk and eggs. Sweet almond crisps are added as a topping to soften the stinging hot red pepper and at the same time let you enjoy a crunchy texture!