Valencia 2013

Maurizio Melani


First Place Valencia

Gelato Shop: Véneta Gelato Italiano, Mediterráneo 105, Puerto Sagunto, Valencia

Flavor: Grandma’s Cookies

This flavor invokes small moments of pleasure and it transports us to our childhood, to the breakfasts, to the afternoon snacks, and to the happy moments when our mother allowed us to spread chocolate cream on cookies. This artisan gelato “Grandma’s Cookies” has a simple but refined recipe, with an intense flavor which not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also invokes happy memories. A gelato that is simple, nutritious, healthy and irresistible!

Carlos Enriquez Sanchez y Juan Enriquez Sanchez


Second Place Valencia

Gelato Shop: Iceberg, C/ Jaime II, 6 Bajos, Palma de Mallorca, IB, Tel. +34 971 71 65 17

Flavor: Sóller Orange Sorbet with Mint and Cardamom

We dare to mix ingredients from our land Mallorca as basic as water, oranges from Sóller and fresh mint, with a pinch of cardamom and carob. This mixture is 100% natural without adding any dairy ingredient that we batch freeze until it has a creamy and refreshing texture, more reminiscent of gelato with milk and cream rather than a sorbet.

This recipe proudly represents our philosophy of doing things. It is obvious, this creation can be encountered in each of our display cases and the great chefs of our island prepare fantastic dishes with it

Isabel López Dominguez


Third Place Valencia

Gelato Shop: 29 Palmeros, C/ Ancha 50, Punta Umbria, Huelva, Tel. 667 616577

Flavor: A thousand petals

A cream based gelato with Italian meringue and puff pastries, making a simple combination and a surprising flavor.
The most demanded flavor in my gelato shop!

Juan Ignacio Paredes Urruti


Finalists Valencia

Gelato Shop: Heladerá Livorno, Plaza del Rollo 2, Madrid, Tel. 913071658

Flavor: Blackberry sorbet with lemon

With basic fruits such as blackberry and lemon, we obtain a gelato that will refresh you and that will leave a great taste in your mouth. Even with its simplicity, this flavor will not go unnoticed.

Álvaro Verdú Palú


Finalist Valencia

Gelato Shop: Helados Gelart, Partida Madrigueres Sud 57-B, Denia, Alicante, Tel. +34 96 578 16 59

Flavor: Truffled Pumpkin

Seasonal roasted pumpkin gelato with artisan truffles. In our gelato shop, our principal value is the artisan quality of our products, guaranteed by three generations of maestro gelato artisans.

Andrea Foschi


Finalist Valencia

Gelato Shop: Fresca Passione, C/ Ramón Gómez de la Serna 1, Marbella, Málaga Tel. +34 679 741 677

Flavor: Carthage

The Arabian rule left many tracks here in Andalucía, especially in our cuisine. Using as inspiration a spice and an aromatic herb clearly from Arabic use, such as mint and cinnamon, this refreshing flavor is born, made with fresh milk, cinnamon sticks and mint.

Antonino Parrilla Villar


Finalist Valencia

Gelato Shop: Heladería Bolas Heladería Villar, Puerta de la Carne 3, Sevilla, Tel. +34 664609004

Flavor: Far East Chocolate

Creamy chocolate gelato infused with a mixture of spices (cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and ginger) and sprinkled throughout with ginger toffee and candied ginger. The philosophy of my gelato shop is to create the best gelato possible, based on: high quality, natural products; daily production; elimination of artificial dyes and flavorings; in-house creation of the flavor pairings.

Cesar Gimenez Ferrero


Finalist Valencia

Gelato Shop: Arlequino, Paseo Juan de Borbon Conde de Barcelona 9 bajos, Barcelona, Tel. 609018666

Flavor: Maria Cookies

Maria Cookies gelato is swirled with chocolate and cookies. This gelato transports us to our childhood, reminiscent of breakfasts and snacks with cookies and chocolate bars.

Cesare Zaccariello


Finalists Valencia

Gelato Shop: Al Settimo Gelo, Avenida Padre Méndez 54, Almería, Tel. +34 673975600

Flavor: Cinnamon infused Chocolate

It is a chocolate and cocoa sauce infused with cinnamon, made to acquire a more silky and creamy gelato. I really like the touch that the cinnamon infusion in the same sauce gives. It releases a very aromatic flavor.

Freya Lo Giudice


Finalist Valencia

Gelato Shop: Sani Sapori, c/ Lavapiés 31, Madrid, Tel. +34 915308996

Flavor: Antique Cream with Baobab

An elaboration starting from a classic Italian cream recipe, with organic raw sugar, fresh milk and cream, eggs, Valencia lemon and orange zest, along with spices such as vanilla from the Comoras Islands, cinnamon and cloves from India, orange blossoms and coffee beans. The recipe is swirled with Baobab-flavored dark chocolate and a sauce of the African fruit Baobab.

Javier Das Alonso


Finalist Valencia

Gelato Shop: La Golosa Helados Artesanos, C/ Aben al Abbar 17, Valencia, Tel. +34 675045656

Flavor: Classic style Gelato

A typical Valencia gelato which has been elected by our clients as the most fresh, creamy and natural flavor that we offer. It has a cream made with egg yolks as a base which can be flavored with vanilla or caramel. However, with the freezing process, the greatest intensity and smoothness can be reached when made only with the egg custard.

Jesús Valdés López


Finalist Valencia

Gelato Shop: Diego Verdú Monerris, Cimadevilla 7-bajo, Oviedo, Asturias – Tel. 985212855

Flavor: Jijona Don Diego Nougat

This is a classic gelato from the city of Oviedo. The family and its inheritants have been making this product for over 100 years. The nougat Jijona de Diego Verdú is made in Jijona and with the best raw materials. It is made with the highest quality Marcona almonds and an exquisite rosemary honey. This gelato is suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

José Luis García Rico


Finalist Valencia
Fecha de nacimiento 20/06/1965

Gelato Shop: La Ibense, c/ Joaquín María López 2, Villena, Alicante, Tel. +34 615346700

Flavor: Gazpacho

A water-based gelato created with fresh vegetables (tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, cucumbers, onions and garlic), it is low in fat and calories, rich in fiber and it is refreshing. It is a versatile flavor as it can be consumed both as an appetizer as well as a dessert. Without lactose and suitable for people with gluten intolerance.
Ingredients that represent our Mediterranean culture. They reflect the strength of the land, the freshness of water, the light of the sun and the treasure of our oils. All of our essence.

Juan Carlos Verdú Ojeda


Finalist Valencia
Fecha de nacimiento 20/07/1971

Gelato Shop: Heladería Verdú, Gran Via, La Manga, Edif. Los Carmenes, bajo, Cartagena, MU. Tel +34 661 838 225

Flavor: Chocolate

One of our star flavors in our ample range of flavors. But this is a special chocolate as my father, Maestro Francisco Verdù Valls, won a competition in Turin (February 1989) with this same recipe. It is a classic flavor, but lasting. It is a flavor that the whole world enjoys.

Marco Di Consiglio


Finalist Valencia

Gelato Shop: Gelaaati di Marco, Llibreteria 7 bajos, Barcelona, Tel. +34 697936362

Flavor: El Milanés

Made with sheep’s milk flavored with saffron, swirled with pistachio cream and pistachio brittle. This proposal wants to reinvent new flavors using fresh, high quality products. It is based on the principles of exclusivity, total quality, creativity along with the link to the territory and the possibility to give pleasure, happiness and curiosity. This gelato is suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

Mario Caruso y Belén Pallarès


Finalists Valencia

Gelato Shop: Livanti Gelato di Sicilia, C/ Miguel Soler 12, Locai C/ Muñoz, Alicante, Tel. +34 965 062341

Flavor: Magna Grecia

In our constant quest for new emotions and sensations, one day we purchased a branch of bay leaves. We saw in this branch the elements that are common to the Mediterranean breeze that unites Greece, Sicily and Spain. We imagined the scent of springtime, of the ocean, of the small boats scattered along the diverse coasts of our common sea. And this is where we joined honey, rosemary and olive oil with the bay leaves. Homage to our populations, our land, our ancestors. And to our present. .

Ilaria Oddera


Candidate Valencia

Gelato Shop: Heladería Fantasia Italiana, C/ Rueda López 16, Almería, Tel. +34 950 25 31 12

Flavor: Delirium from Almería

Cinnamon cream, variegated with chocolate from Avellana and praline crunch.

José Antonio Romero Romero


Candidate Valencia

Gelato Shop: Freskitto, C/ Granada 55, Málaga, Tel. +34 699 333 777

Flavor: Chocolatte fresk

Chocolate cream with a mix of origin-certified chocolate topping, one from Venezuela and one from Africa, adding a sensual mixture of different spices in order to give freshness to the gelato, and at the same time, we will add a touch from our territory, with Muscat wine from Malaga.